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"Providing the awareness, tools and direction so greater overall health can be achieved and sustained."

Vital Health, inc.    Orland Park, IL

Vital Health, Inc.

9501 West 144th Place

Suite 106

Orland Park, IL  60462


Barbara Griffin has appeared on Chicago's ABC-TV in a special presentation of Healthbeat entitled, "Food for Thought"

Food sensitivities may be responsible for various health problems. With well over 10,000 clients, Barbara Griffin has taken a non-invasive approach in identifying food intolerances in the body.




Barbara Griffin, founder of Vital Health, Inc., is a pioneer in the fields of natural health, autoimmune conditions and gluten-free eating.  Always on the cutting edge of learning new treatment modalities to better serve her clients, Barbara is certified in many integrative therapies. Barbara is a Traditional Naturopath, Certified Nutritional Consultant, Certified Gluten Practitioner, and Certified in Live Cell Analysis and Iridology. Barbara's genuine compassion, experience, and reputation for helping clients improve their health has made her a leader in the field of naturopathy and nutritional health. 

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Considered expert in the field of EAV screenings, Barbara utilizes this treatment modality as one of the core solutions in her practice.   Combining the results of the EAV screenings, and nutrition, a comprehensive protocol is outlined.  

A much sought out expert speaker on health and gluten-free eating, Barbara is available for radio and TV interviews and public speaking engagements.

Barbara can be reached via phone at (708) 226-1131

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For over 48 years, Barbara Griffin has worked and lived within the framework of natural wellness.  Barbara was introduced to naturopathy and received her original training in a Naturopathic clinic in Germany 48 years ago.  Her children, Diana and Jason, were raised with homeopathic, naturopathic, and optimal nutritional principles.   Barbara developed her own personal style of natural wellness and opened New Vitality Health Foods, in1988.   The store flourishes as an educational and nutritional center now run by her daughter, Diana.  Jason continues his studies in natural medicine and live cell microposcopy at Vital Health, Inc.

Barbara now directs her own wellness center, Vital Health, Inc., that addresses a whole body approach to health with the intention of facilitating well-being and optimal health amongst her clients. 

An expert in the field of Electro-Dermal Screening (also known EAV,, Electro-Acupunture According to Voll), Barbara utilizes this biofeedback modality as one of the core solutions in her practice.  EAV is a painless and non-invasive computer screening test that can help recognize key weakened or stressed organ systems within the body.  Barbara has screened over 10,000 clients using EAV which has helped them regain their health through the wealth of vital information it provides.

Barbara obtained her Naturopathic Degree from Arkansas College of Natural Health, Yamuni Institute of Healing Arts, PanAmerican Institute of Natural Medicine, International College of Bionutrition.  She is a Certified Gluten Practitioner, Certified Nutritional Consultant and Certified Iridologist.  Barbara is also certified in numerous other integrative therapies.

Barbara's advanced levels of education and training in many established integrative therapies, along with her practical experience, and caring ways, puts her services in high demand.

Barbara was among the first in the Midwest to become a Certified Gluten Practitioner. Clients benefit from her extensive knowledge in the field of celiac disease, gluten sensitivities, and the autoimmune conditions and other painful symptoms they cause.  She has helped thousands of people painlessly adjust to gluten-free living and regain their health.

Barbara is an active member of the World Organization of Natural Medicine Practioners, International Parliament of Safety & Peace,International Society of Electrodermologist (Fellowship – Board Certification), American Association of Nutritional Consultants,American Association of Drugless Practitioners, National Board of Examiners in Integrated/Alternative Medicine and Natural Health Science, and North Carolina Board of Naturopathic Examiners.

Vital Health Inc does not provide a medical diagnosis.  If clients suspect that they need medical intervention, they should consult their physicians, who can provide medical diagnoses and prescribe appropriate treatment regimens.