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Vital Health Inc does not provide a medical diagnosis.  If clients suspect that they need medical intervention, they should consult their physicians, who can provide medical diagnoses and prescribe appropriate treatment regimens.

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Due to various allergies of our clients:

Please refrain from wearing perfumes/colognes before your appointments

Food & drinks are NOT allowed in office


Why do I have to wait to get an appointment?

We understand the urgency you have to make an appointment.  If you have a medical emergency, you need to either dial 911 or go to the emergency room.  We do not treat medical conditions or any other diseases.  We are a wellness office, here to provide guidance for your optimal well-being.  We appreciate your patience in waiting for your appointment.  You will be given the same attention and guidance that we show all our clients.  Thank you.

How is the EAV assessment done?

There are two cables coming out of the EAV device, one positive and one negative. The positive lead is attached to a stylus with an electrode tip. The doctor holds the stylus and presses the tip against one of the client's acupuncture points. The client holds a hand electrode in their free hand. During the measurement the client and the EAV device form a closed circuit, allowing energy and information to flow from the EAV device to the probe, through the client to the hand electrode, and back to the EAV device. The EAV reading is a measurement of how much energy makes it through the circuit. 

Who would benefit from this type of stress assessment?

This assessment would benefit any individual interested in seeing which foods, chemicals and environmental irritants stress their body.  This applies to anyone looking to improve their own degree of wellness, regardless of their current state of health.

Can children be assessed?

Newborns on up can be assessed.

How long for a session?

Allow 30 minutes for a Sensitivity Assessment.   Allow 1 hour for the Comprehensive Full Assessment.

Do I need to fast before my appointment?

There is no need to fast, though we do ask to abstain from food 1 hour before the assessment, children 30 minutes before the assessment.  Drink plenty of water so you are hydrated.

Is there anyone who shouldn't be assessed?

We do not assess anyone who is pregnant or has a pacemaker or defibulator.  If you become pregnant after your appointment is made, we can reschedule your appointment 1 month after your due date.  

What is required after an initial assessment?

We suggest you avoid the food sensitivities.  We have found that a person can occasionally desensitize themselves by avoiding the substances.  Therefore, a rescan after 1 year would be reasonable.

Suggestions will be made as to rescan appointments for full screenings.

What if I can't make my scheduled appointment?

We require a 24 hour cancellation notice.  If you know in advance that you cannot make your appointment and wish to reschedule, please call 1 week prior and we will do our best to accommodate the change.

Does insurance cover this?

From what we have been told, the EAV is in the process of getting insurance codes.  Without those insurance codes, most insurance companies do not cover our services.  FSA programs do cover the cost of the screening.