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With our Online Webstores you are invited to access professional grade vitamin & supplements at any time. You'll benefit from our safe, secure and innovative platforms that make ordering easy. And unlike other sites, where you can never be sure just what you 're getting, how old it is, or where it has been stored, you can rest easy knowing you're always getting the highest quality and freshest products possible.

With access to over 300 trusted brands, you will be able to get the right products recommended for you, including supplements from VitalEssence, Biotics, ProVitality, Metagenics, Thorne, Ortho, Pure Encapsulations, Nutri-West and many more

Now you can replenish your supplements the easy way, by ordering online on our web stores. Want to try a new product we discussed or you saw in a recent video? You can do that too!

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Feeling Better....One Byte At A Time

We’ve got GREAT news! Our office has a FREE health information service and we'd like to give it to you as our gift.  It’s called The Wellness Minute, and we'll be sending you a short "video magazine" each week from our office with topics like:

        - How To Go From Fat Storing To Fat Burning
        - How To Reduce Breast Tenderness In 5 Minutes
        - Natural Relief For Allergies
        - Ways To Increase Your Energy Levels
        - Great, Healthy 7 Minute Recipes
        - How To Sleep Better
        - and a new video topic every week.

We know you’re going to really enjoy these 4 minute videos sent to you once a week, but we won't just start sending them to you unless you sign up to start getting the Wellness Minute.  So, after you click on the link below and it takes you to the video, you then have to click on the link that says "Sign Up" A new video each week in the lower left of the video or you won't get this free service. Click below right now to take a peek.

SIGN UP HERE:   My Weekly Wellness Minute Video use code DFILC224


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