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​​​​​ Enterolab Testing (  Specialized Intestinal and food sensitivities testing done for both children and adults.  Enterolab does of variety of testing.   EnteroLab testing can be done in the privacy of your own home with no doctor's order necessary.  Results sent directly to you.  Vital Health can help design a healthy nutritional program based on your unique results.

      The genetic HLA testing recommended:
      Gluten Sensitivity Gene Test (Molecular HLA-DQB1 analysis) 
      Description of Test:  HLA-DQ testing from swab of inside of mouth
      What It Tests For:    Presence of one or more genes that have been associated with having gluten sensitivity, celiac and other

      autoimmune syndromes
      Meaning of Positive Result:   You may be predisposed to developing immunologic sensitivity to gluten or celiac sprue

Other Laboratory Tests

Other various laboratory tests, such as Vitamin D levels, thyroid panels, CBC's can also be ordered through the office.  You will get an online order and will need to go to a local blood draw center to have the test panel drawn, and will be sent the test results.  You do not need a physician order to have these tests performed.  

Vital Health Inc does not provide a medical diagnosis.  If clients suspect that they need medical intervention, they should consult their physicians, who can provide medical diagnoses and prescribe appropriate treatment regimens.


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Online Self Ordered Tests

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23andme Genetic Testing

Contact online to order your personalized genetic test.  Receive 60+ personalized genetic reports.  Understand what your DNA says about your health, traits and ancestry.

After receiving your test results, you can contact our office and we can provide you a link to decode the test results even further.